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 Immagine di Storia di Cristo Giovanni Papini [ ] [Rilegato]
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One of the most beautiful books I ever read about the life of Jesus Christ. Not a theological work, which the author freely admits, but one that brings the life of Christ vividly before your eyes. The great change that He brought, how He preached and attracted the hearts of thousands comes to an emotional height with the crucification and His great sacrifice. It also explains why the jews were forced into diaspora by the Romans: because God wills it so. The link between the diaspora and the betrayal by Judas Iskariot is also elaborated upon.

But in general the symbolism of the words used in the Bible is explained beautifully, e.g. the ox and the ass in the stable. Papini also stress the great poverty in which Christ was born. In doing this he correctly rejects any claim on Christ by those who have many and share none. Saint Joseph was a craftman, working himself into sweat to provide for his family. Christ would also throw off any material links, on which Thomas a Kempis would later say "Why do you value that so dear which you will hold such a short time?" (but that's another book).

A must-read, not just for any christian, but for anyone who wishes to understand the great emotions that can come forth from faith.



(Firenze, 9 gennaio 1881 – Firenze, 8 luglio 1956

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